Thank you for considering QSE for your workshop, conference, or keynote presentation! Below you will find a list of our available workshops on LGBTQ cultural competency and sex education.

Workshops by QSE


A thorough introduction intended for entry level training in businesses, schools, and non-profits who want to better serve LGBTQ customers, patients, students, and employees.

This workshop will focus on basics of respectful LGBTQ language, examining common barriers faced by LGBTQ people, and activities to help group members identify ways to better support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people in their workplace, school, or anywhere else.

Allyship & Action

This intermediate level workshop focuses on how groups with understanding about issues of social justice can turn that knowledge into action in big ways and small ways that fit for each of us.

Ethical Communication

An all-levels workshop that can be customized to fit different needs of people who want to communicate better in relationships. Activities will help group members identify barriers to authentic communication, access tools for assessing needs and desires, and build an action plan for new communication goals moving forward.

BDSM Basics

This beginner level workshop covers the basics of kink, BDSM, roleplay, and negotiating alternative sexualities and desires. There will be no sexual contact or nudity during this presentation, however some techniques may be demonstrated over the clothes to groups interested in paying an extra $100 to cover the labor of a demo bottom to attend the presentation.

Click here to submit a workshop request form for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer training workshops at your workplace, school, church, etc.

Bring QSE to Your Conference

Conference Speaker Fee
$1,000 + travel & lodging covered

Click here to schedule QSE for your conference, including travel if events are outside of Colorado.

Save Money With a Workshop Contract

Ensure your employees, students, or volunteers are always prepared to respect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people with a contract to train new members of your group every year, every 6 months or every month!

Single Session Workshop Fee
(1.5 hours, up to 50 people)
$450 per session

Trainings booked at the same time are a reduced price of $360 per training, a 20% savings! Renewing for a second year saves 30% at $315 per training.

Contract training prices

Monthly (12) workshops: $4,320
Quarterly (4) workshops: $1,440
Bi-Annual (2) workshops: $720

These workshops could also be done all in one month or any other format that fits your work the best.

Some businesses have used these packages to train different shifts or groups of employees all in a short period of time. Colleges have used these packages to schedule a whole week of workshops for students, training sessions for employees, and public speaking events.

Get creative! We have varied skills and are able to provide many different types of interaction, so email us with your ideas for how we can work together.

Sliding Scale Services

If you will only be able to participate in any of these workshops with a reduced price, and you also hold one or more marginalized identities, please email me at to let me know what a realistic, affordable price would be for you.


We are currently considering workshop requests, keynote speeches, and LGBTQ cultural competency training in the United States and internationally.

Travel in the US requires at least 2 months notice. International travel requires at least 6 months notice.

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