About QSE

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Sara Connell

Founder of QSE Consulting, co-host of the Queer Sex Ed Podcast, LGBTQ Consultant, and Author


Facilitation Experience

My name is Sara and I have been a sexual health and LGBTQ educator for 8 years. I began as a freshman in college with our school's Community Health department, then as a full-time professional for a year after graduation. Once that grant position was completed, I found a job doing education for local businesses and nonprofits on how to better support LGBTQ clients, patrons, volunteers, and employees. 

In my professional life, I now conduct workplace and school workshops about LGBTQ communities and allyship for businesses, non-profits, and conferences. I am based in Colorado, but willing to travel anywhere or do consultation work via Email and Skype.

I am an experienced public speaker and educator who excels in delivering participation-based, activity-focused training that engages people on all levels of learning. I have many years of expertise in presenting on LGBTQ workplace acceptance, however I am also able to speak about social media strategy, communication, and intersectional issues of social justice.