Travel Information

QSE Consulting is currently considering workshop requests, keynote speeches, and LGBTQ cultural competency training in the United States and internationally. Travel in the US requires at least 2 months notice. International travel requires at least 6 months notice.

Any work outside of Colorado must have travel and lodging included and purchased by the institution requesting a workshop. Due to other work, Jay may potentially be unable to travel. In that case, or when the budget only allows travel for one person, Sara will be traveling to present the workshop alone. Our preference is for both of us to present together, however we know that may not always be possible.

Travel accommodations would include a flight from Denver (for work only with Sara) and a flight from Milwaukee for work with both Sara and Jay. We prefer to fly in the morning or mid-day, at least one day before the workshop, in order to rest after travel and meet you to finalize the details of our work together.

Lodging can be cheap, we just need a non-smoking room close to where we will be working on campus. If Jay and Sara are traveling together, we can share a room to cut down on costs. Ideally, it would be great to have someone willing to drive us to the workshop as well as back and forth to the airport.

We can do multiple sessions of different content, like LGBTQ 101 training for different groups of campus staff, presentations in multiple classrooms, hosting a public talk, going to student group meetings, a live episode of the Queer Sex Ed podcast, or other types on work all in the same trip. It is great for us to be able to do more than one event in a trip, but it’s not required or expected that you do more than one session.

If you do book more than one session, you will save 20% on the per-session cost. This means each session will be $360 instead of $450. In the past, other people requesting a workshop have asked for groups like the campus health center, a local non-profit, or department heads from relevant majors to pool their money together. Again, there is no pressure to do more than one session.

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